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Wade Stem, helping you well BEYOND CLOSING

Intensely focused on changing the real estate industry by going BEYOND CLOSING with each of my clients. So what does that mean? My goal is to alleviate the Stressors that can arise in the process of typical real estate transactions. How do I know what they are? I've bought and sold many homes before deciding to become a Real Estate Agent myself. Having gone through the process many times, I began to question what the purpose of the Real Estate Agent was. I found time after time things going wrong with deals and communication being left on the back burner, causing frustration and confusion. Wondering what comes next?  I know what it is like to be helped by a real estate agent that is simply focused on closing, not my needs or wants. It stinks! It leaves you feeling like they were there simply for the check at the end of the process...not making the process smooth for you. So I set out on a mission. My goal would be to change all that. Not 

only was that my goal, that is what I had accomplished. I started studying, got my license, and started writing down all the Stressors I had experienced and other people had experience also, who were less than satisfied with the process. I found many people were complaining about similar issues with the process. Communication, Clarity, Consistency, and Closing. So I developed systems to address each of those Stressors. The systems I have put into place have allowed me to address those Stressors and eliminate them.


Communication should be consistent and ongoing during and after the process. I wasn't sure why this was such a difficult thing for an agent to do well. I've created a system where communication can be in whatever form you are comfortable with or simply prefer. If we work together and have clear communication we are well on our way to a stress-free process where we will accomplish our goals together. 


Clarity is King I always say. Keeping you up to date with not only where we are in the process, but what comes next is key. I have many systems in place to keep you not only in the loop but also be an integral part of the process as you should be. These include an online Clarity System where you can keep an eye on what I need from you (documents, numbers, etc) and what I am doing for you and need to provide to you. It gives you the whole process from beginning to end and keeps you updated the whole way. Automatically.


Consistency means all of us being on the same page. If we take the time to pinpoint your wants and needs and also the things that would be "deal breakers" for you, we become more efficient in each step of the process. We don't waste time by seeing houses that don't meet your list of wants and needs. We don't waste time asking the same questions over and over. We know the goals at the beginning and stay consistent to the end.


The closing can be one of the most stressful times whether you're on the buying, selling, or renting side. Because we worked hard, communicated the whole way, were clear with our goals and were consistent the entire time we have nothing to fear. Closing becomes a celebration time instead of yet another Stressor. Through focusing on your needs and wants, seeing and addressing potential problems before they arise, and being available to you well BEYOND CLOSING.

Common Stressors



Multitude of ways provided to communicate with each other: face to face, phone, text, email and our ROADMAP software


Keeping you up to date on where we are in the process and what comes next. Nothing slips through the cracks


Following tried and true process that puts your wants and needs at the forefront of the process. Each client gets the V.I.P. treatment


Closing becomes a celebratiion because we did our homework, worked hard and now can enjoy the fruits of our labor. 

About Me
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"Wade and I worked together for about three years. In that time he displayed an aptitude for leadership, solved complex issues under pressure and within tight time constraints, and he always delivered above expectations. Wade is friendly and teachable. He is also trustworthy."

Kyle Johnson

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